Almond Joy Cheesecake

  The winter months might not seem like the time for a coconut-y treat, but this recipe has been a Christmas staple at my parents’ house the last few years.  My mother even refused to bake cookies last year, only … Continued

National Ice Cream Month Roundup

Ice cream is a delicious treat for any time of the year, but it’s especially perfect in summer. Who doesn’t want a cool treat when the weather starts to heat up? Not only is it time for some real ice … Continued

Up, Up, and (Clutter) Away: Making Use of Vertical Space

  I have become used to living in small spaces.  Over the last eight years I’ve lived in quiet possibly some of the smallest apartments in Chicago (which, admittedly, are not nearly as small as some New York apartments I’ve … Continued

The Sound of Saving Money: Building a Home Recording Studio for Under $75

This post might be a little more niche than the ones I usually write, but I thought this was still an important DIY project to share.  There are tons of uses for home recording aside from what I use it … Continued

Mind Your Beeswax: How I Brought a Discontinued Chapstick Recipe Back from Extinction

I was never much of a Chapstick fan until a few years ago, when the brand released their 100% Naturals line.  I had a crazy-good coupon that got me my first tube of the glorious lip butter for free.  After … Continued


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Hello and welcome to Thrifty Below!  We’re dedicated to bringing you delicious recipes, fun DIY projects, and savings tips to help stretch your budget. We’re just starting out, but we have big plans for the site, so be sure to … Continued