Bachelor/Bachelorette Party Favors

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This week, we’re changing things up a bit.  Instead of two Wednesday posts, instead we’re going to be doing only one Wednesday post.  It will continue to be The Hump Day How-To, however, those How-To’s will sometimes be wedding themed, so we aren’t getting rid of Wedding Wednesday entirely.


Today is one of those days which we merge The Hump Day How-To and Wedding Wednesday.



bachelorebachelorette party favors


Once again, I have never been married or thrown a wedding, but I’ve been a bridesmaid in five in the past four years, and I’m only 26 years old.  One such wedding was Alex’s, the co-owner of this blog.  Alex got married last Summer, and I know she’s already showed our readers tons of amazing DIY projects from her wedding (and believe me, some of the best are yet to come).  But this isn’t about Alex’s wedding…this is about her Bachelorette Party!




Alex’s was probably the most fun I’ve ever had at a Bachelorette Party.  After talking it over with her, I planted the idea that it might be cool to do something joint between her husband’s bachelor party and her bachelorette party.  Neither Mark nor Alex are the strip club type, and they both have close friends of both genders.  It seemed crazy to make the entire thing exclusive by gender.  They agreed, and I squealed with joy at the thought of not having to attend another cheesy girls-only bachelorette party.  With Eric (Mark’s brother), and Kelly (Alex’s sister), and plenty of input from Mark, Alex, and the other bridesmaids and groomsmen, we planned an amazing day/night.




The women started at my apartment for mimosas, appetizers, and a “personal shower” with gift opening, and the men started at Mark’s friend’s home playing beer pong.  In the evening, everyone met up at my apartment for a BBQ (bbq pulled pork, hotdogs, chips, pasta salad, fruit, potato salad, etc.), and we rented a party trolley to take us around to a list of bars in Chicago and filled the trolley with more beverages to drink between bars.  After our time with the trolley was through, we had it drop us off at Mark’s brother Eric’s apartment where we then had a large after party.




What is truly amazing about this night is not just how much fun everyone had…which I’ve been told was A LOT…but how much we ended up paying for it.  The entire second half (dinner, trolley, and after party) added up to only about $50 a person!  Of course we all had a drink at each of the bars, which added to the total, but there was plenty to drink on the trolley itself which allowed us to save money.  It is hard to go out on a Friday or Saturday night in downtown Chicago for under $100 a person if you plan to drink, and we were able to get dinner and transportation out of it!

But this post is more about the favors and DIY items rather than the bachelore/bachelorette party we were all so proud of.  So I better get to that.

First were the invitations for the girls-only portion of the day.  I made these myself using card stock.  I used a dremil (have you noticed, yet, how much I absolutely LOVE my dremil?) to drill the holes into the paper (but a small hole punch or a needle probably would have worked just as well).  I drew the shape freehand, cut it out, traced it and then flipped it to each side and traced half of it to make the flaps, then used that as a pattern.




Next were the party favors for the girls-only part.  Favors are some of my favorite things, so I got excited about these.  I decided to make them a Post-Bachelorette Party Survival Kit…the contents of which might be a little risque.  I wanted them to look classic, but also kind of go with Alex’s whole theme.  She’d been using this image of these two birds for her wedding website, so I stole it for these favors.  Her colors were all different shades of blue, so I found varied blue fabric in the scrap bin at the fabric store, bought a bunch of mini mason jars at the hardware store, and filled them with a few things.  Here is the list of what I included (remember, these are for the “morning after”):




1. Individual pack of Tylonol

2. Hair scrunchie

3. Moist Towelette (for removing makeup stains)

4. Band-aid

5. Instant coffee

6. Pack of gum

7. Pregnancy test (this was the risque part, obviously a joke)


They turned out really cute, and I attached some card stock to them with a little bit of twine.




Lastly, possibly one of my favorite things about this shower, were the beer coozies that we ordered for everyone to use on the trolley and to take home as a keepsake.  These were so fun, turned out great, and were super inexpensive.  We got them from Discount Mugs. I believe they came out to about a dollar a piece, which we included in the $50 per person price.  All I did was throw together a little thing in photoshop, and sent it their way.



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