High-Waisted Pillowcase Skirt Tutorial

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High-Waisted Pillowcase Skirt Tutorial | Thrifty Below

I’ve been on a mini summer vacation for the past couple weeks, so I’ve been knocking out some projects. When I revamped my old hippie skirt, I found some of the old pillowcases I set aside when I made my pillowcase apron. I wanted to try and make a skirt! Originally I thought I could basically open up the pillowcase, add a waistband or elastic and be good to go, but unfortunately I’m not pillowcase-sized. The project ended up a bit more complicated than I had planned, but I was able to create a super cute two-toned, high-waisted pillowcase skirt. Follow along with our Free For All Friday tutorial to learn how you can make your own in an afternoon!


2 pillowcases (Mine were extras from my linen closet, but you could find cute vintage ones at the thrift shop or pick up clearance ones from Target)
Matching thread
7 inch zipper in a coordinating color
Scissors (a rotary cutter would be helpful too)
Tape measure
Iron and iron board (for pressing hems)
Sewing machine


Begin by cutting the decorative hem off your pillowcases. I set it aside to use as the waistband.


Flip your pillowcases inside-out and carefully cut off the seams.


I wanted navy to be my main color, so I cut the pink pillowcase in half. You could definitely use all one color, or cut smaller sections of each color to rotate between.


Using your tape measure, measure from where you want your skirt to start to where you want it to stop. For me, this was from my natural waist to just above my knees. Record the measurement. There’s no need to add a hem allowance because we’ll be adding a thick waistband later.

Cut your pillowcases to the length of your measurement.


Iron your pillowcases and pin the first side seam (the side you don’t want the zipper on). Sew the seam and then press it open.


On the opposite side, lay your your skirt, zipper, and waist band. Line everything up how you plan on sewing it. There should be at least 3/4″ of overlap between your waistband and skirt, and the zipper should reach the top of your waistband.


Place a pin on the skirt, at the bottom of the zipper. This will mark the stopping point for your side seam. Finish pinning and sew the side seam.


Press the seam open and carefully press the sides of the zipper slot.


Let’s start on the bottom hem! Fold over 1/2 inch and press.


I wanted a wide hem, so I folded over 2 inches. You could do any size you choose. Press.


Pin the hem and sew around the full width of the skirt.


Set your sewing machine to a wide straight stitch, and sew 2 rows at the top of your skirt. Gently pull on the strings to ruffle your waistband.


Measure your waist and record the number. Ruffle the waistband until it is the size of your waist measurement.


Take out your waistband (the finished hem from the pillowcase) and cut off the inside seam.


Measure and cut your waist band, adding an inch of seam allowance to your original waist measurement.


Starting at the zipper line, carefully pin your waistband to your skirt.


Pin in your zipper. Sew around the zipper first, then sew the waistband onto your skirt. Trim up any stray threads.


That’s it! Wear and enjoy!

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