Fishtail Braid T-Shirt Scarf

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fishtail braid tshirt scarf


Winter is coming.  No, I’m not getting all Ned Stark on you, I’m being serious.  It has already started snowing here in Chicago, and the temperatures have dropped.  While going through my closet and getting out my hats and scarves, I got an idea for this project.  As I believe I’ve mentioned before, I don’t knit or crochet.  I have been taught a few times, I just always forget how.  I think I don’t really have the patience.  However, I wanted to make a scarf, and ran through a few different ways i could do that in my head, finally resulting in this project.


First, I found a bunch of old T-shirts I no longer wear.  This was easy.  I’m a T-shirt hoarder, apparently.  I had old band T-shirts that hadn’t been worn in ten years.  I had tons of free t-shirts I’d gotten from this or that which I only use as sleep shirts.  All of these T-shirts take up wayyy too much room in my dressers, and need to go.  This was a great opportunity to get rid of some.  I picked the two colors I had the most of, black and gray, and decided these would be the colors of my scarf.  You need to start by making the shirts into yarn.  You can do this using Alex’s T-shirt Yarn Tutorial. I cut up about three black shirts and four gray ones.  I didn’t worry about connecting them right away to make longer balls of yarn, because, as you’ll see later, if the yarn is too long it will be difficult to deal with for this project.  Instead I just used one strand at a time and added when that strand become short.


Next, I began my fishtail braid.  To do this, I tied four strands of yarn together, one of each of my main colors and two of any color (I used gray because I had a lot of it) that will end up in the middle and will be, for the most part, unseen. I was sure to leave enough at the end so I could tie the end off to a chair for leverage.




In the below charts I’ve labeled my two main strands A and B.  The middle strands are stationary when creating a fishtail braid, the outsides are the only ones that move.  You simply take the outside strands, bring them over and into the middle, cross them, bring them under the opposite middle string and back out, then repeat.  There are plenty of tutorials on fishtail braids if you don’t know how to do them, so for the sake of time I won’t go into more detail on them.






I created one long braid.  If you choose, you can instead do several.  It is easier to tie off at the end if you do it all in one piece.  In order to be sure it was long enough, I used myself as a measurement tool, wrapping it loosely around my neck to see how many times I could go and how much longer I would need to make it.  You want it to be able to wrap (loosely, with it hanging down on your chest) just over 4 times.




When you are done with your braid, tie it off.  Then, fold it in half to double it up, and tie the two knotted ends together (for mine, I untied the knots on both ends and tied them together so the knot doesn’t get too big and outrageous).




With your doubled up rope, have a friend hold the middle for you, and then take both ends and wrap them around each other over and over again (do this loosely).  When you are done, bring your friend’s new end (which was the middle) and yours together, and use the excess on the knotted end to tie it to the other end, making a big circle/infinity scarf.  You’re finished!





Thanks to my lovely mother for modeling it for me in the image above.

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